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Innovation Catalyst for Older Care

I'm a psychologist of work and organizations passionate in innovation applyed to care services for older people. I have  been working in ISRAA since 2000, nowadays coordinating ISRAA's European Projects Department FABER ( that is also aimed to foster innovation in the older care domain. Senior Project Manager in several European and national projects for elderly. My core skills are Networking and European projects writing and management, organizational service design of care delivery for seniors. I love being involved  in social innovation projects for care provider organizations for the adoption of ICT solutions into new business care models. Trainer at University Masters programmes for psychologists managed by Padua University. Speaker in several events,  author of “La leadership in RSA”, and “La Bussiness Intelligence in RSA” Maggioli Editore (2013). Since 2019, June he is the Ambassador of Treviso’ Aging2.0 Network and since 2020 June 26th Co-coordinator of SAFE Consortium


Master in psychogerontology, 1999

Psychologist of Work and Organizations, Padua University,1996

Venice, Veneto Region, Italy.


ISO9001 Auditor for internal control, 2016

Team Leader and evaluator for L.22/2002 Veneto Region, 2010
Board's member of FREIA Italian Association of Psychogerontology, 1998

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