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Facilitate innovation in services for older people

What I strive more is changing people mindset towards innovation.

Since 1997 I have been training and sharing knowledge about leading teams, improving care staff motivation of those of everyday look after older and thier relatives in nursing home and in home care settings.

Then I moved towards the new challengies regarding ageing and I felt the need of giving support to care managers and practitioners in designing the care services' innovations almost based on ICT implementation.

Nowadays I would like to face the need of changing the approach of care prviders from a re-action to the older wawe that we are facing in the incoming years towards a pro-active one. It means that all care teams, working in senior field, should be able to recognize how they could make the difference in deliverying new answers to people needs keeping them helthy and indipendent as much  as possible along the time.

Thanks to several EU Projects where I working on, I learned innovative methods, solutions and organizationals models that could boost the capacity of overcame the longevity challenge that our society is facing.

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